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CLASSify allows professionals in the medical device sector and other interested observers to classify products or interrogate the Class of a particular medical device. The website overcomes the need to refer, apply, interpret and record searches that would otherwise demand manual efforts.

Designed logically, it de-mystifies the content of extant classification schemes, thereby speeding determination of Class and related information; combining highest quality and innovation to extend the usefulness of paper-based Directives, Regulations and other informed sources of information.

The website is designed for use principally for primary classification but may also be used to check or confirm the Class which a medical device is thought or believed to belong. It may also prove helpful to prevent mis- or mal-classification of a given product, in research and for other purposes.

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  • Saves you time, money and possibly improves the quality of your own research.
  • CLASSify provides 24 hour, online access to a powerful classification portal.
  • Efficient, cost-effective and affordable… Why not use CLASSify?

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CLASSify offer a range of tools which are designed to aid you in the classification of your device. To see what CLASSify can do for you, have a look at the services we offer.




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